Pastors Chris

& Nita Daigle

PASTORS CHRIS & NITA DAIGLE has been serving in the role of Lead Pastors at NEW COVENANT since December 2018.     

CHRIS & NITA are no strangers to ministry, they both were born and raised in the state of Maine where they were married in 1994. Raised as “PK’s (Preacher’s Kids), they followed the footsteps of their parents, Pastors Marcel & Margaret Daigle and Pastors Paul & Dorothy Floyd.

CHRIS & NITA began evangelizing full-time after they graduated from East Coast Bible College in Charlotte, NC.  However, CHRIS began preaching the gospel at age 12 and spent his summers as an evangelist at youth rally’s, summer camps, and area church revivals throughout the state of Maine and the North East until graduation from high school.  CHRIS & NITA were married June of 1994 and began their ministry together.  After a few years evangelizing, they began serving as Worship Pastors/Associate Pastors but for the majority of their ministry, as Lead Pastors.  PASTOR CHRIS is an ordained minister in the CHURCH OF GOD (Cleveland, Tennessee).

Both CHRIS & NITA are dynamic communicators of the Word, delivering a message that will challenge you, empower you, and ignite you to PREVAIL IN GOD’S PURPOSE for your life.  CHRIS & NITA also are both gifted musicians, singers, and songwriters.  Their ministry and music has crossed genres, generational boundaries, as well as denominational barriers.  They both have an intense passion for the presence of God and a unique revelation of God’s calling for His people to draw the atmosphere of heaven to the earth. They have a strong desire to see a “Spirit-empowered” ministry expression of the church and see countless lives changed through the anointing of Jesus Christ.

Today they are the proud parents of 3 children: Andrew, Alexandra and Anthony, and grandparents to Ronan Michael. 


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