We believe the church is still a place of influence today.  It is a unified community, where many individuals come together as one. This is a church poised to be God’s pathway of transforming lives permanently. In this space, God, His Kingdom, people, and forming the core values of our community are our main focus. 

Our church, under the leadership of Jesus, will always seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We will build our foundation on the importance of love and spreading the message of Christ. We are not merely a congregation; we are a family moving as a unit.

Our vision’s goal is to be a church that nurtures the equipping of Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus Christ. We are called to impact our neighbors and the nations, with our zeal set on fire by the transformative power of the gospel we have seen operate in our own lives.  And building on the solid foundation of Christ, this church will be a beacon of hope to our community, and individuals looking to learn of God and his transformative strength, hope, and restoration.