COuple's ministry

Within the framework of our church's mission, the Couple's Ministry is dedicated to REACHING IN, REACHING ACROSS, and REACHING FORWARD to strengthen and nurture marriages, fostering a thriving community of lifelong commitment and Christ-centered love. 


Through ENCOUNTERING GOD'S PRESENCE, we provide a foundation for couples to WORSHIP together, deepening their spiritual connection. 

By EQUIPPING GOD'S PEOPLE, we empower couples with the tools and resources needed for DISCIPLESHIP, promoting growth and maturity in their marital relationships. 

In EMBRACING GOD'S FAMILY, we create a supportive environment where couples can find encouragement, guidance, fellowship, and practical MINISTRY that addresses their unique needs. 

Additionally, we aim to REACH OUT to the broader community, extending GOD'S LOVE through our Marriage Ministry's EVANGELISM efforts, sharing the beauty and sanctity of marriage as a reflection of God's love. 

Finally, we are committed to REACHING FORWARD, as we LEAD and inspire couples to actively contribute to the EXPANSION OF GOD'S KINGDOM, impacting future generations with the transformative power of healthy, Christ-centered marriages.