At NEW COVENANT we strive for EXCELLENCE in every aspect, including upkeeping our facilities. GATEKEEPERS are a group of SERVANTS dedicated to maintaining and upkeeping God's house with an excellent spirit of love and prayer. Our ministry is aimed towards true servanthood; those who love God and those who would like to volunteer serving in whatever capacity they are called or asked to do in the Kingdom of God. 


We HONOR GOD'S HOUSE where His presence abides at ALL times, regardless of what is happening or when the edifice is being used. Our aim is to bring awareness to how important it is to reverence God's house by keeping it clean, not just during services, but at all times. 

We believe in the genuineness of God's Word that everything should be done decent and in order. Also we're PRAYING as we are performing our duties. We cover Bishop Chris, Pastor Nita, leadership, members\partners, our children, and that souls will be saved, healed, delivered, and set free. And we pray for our communities and for those who come to NEW COVENANT will find a place that's filled with the presence of God's love and peace. We are Gatekeepers!